At a Coffee Shop (Day 27)

About a month, I try to focus in my thesis. This evening, I have been at coffee shop, not far from my indekost. This day, I read a novel 3G, telling about experience from ITB’s students. Written by Darmawan Wibisono, this novel seems too ITB (ITB banget). It sets ITB at 1970s. If I compare with ITB in nowsdays, many significant differences we can get. Darmawan told about an event shows performances of students unit. This performing art in that time was very exited. Another one was student movement in New Order Era when the campus was occupied by military force. I saw their idealism and heroism in standing on the truth. The students reflect voice of people, mass media was forbidden to publish nakedly, it must be sensored by our government.


I have plan for this evening to do my thesis, finishing writing some texts in chapter 1 and 2. I got a movie “The Last of Mohicans”, maybe tomorrow morning I will watch it. This movie will be inspired me discussing the heart of point in my thesis. Try your best champs !


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