At Library (day 15)

I have just completed reading about Pak Juprianto’thesis. His thesis told about how to create strategical policy to develop UAV technology in Indonesia. I underlined some points ; First, there are several parts in building UAV as commecialized product that not fully done by Indonesian company, second, no effective coordination between government (as client and investor) and company (practical bussinessman and engineer), third, very necessary to create site plan (roadmap) to develop UAV industry by comprehensive discussion. Beside that, from his thesis, I knew condition of UAV industry in Indonesia (author gives 3 samples). I think discussing this theme (broader in aerospace industry) will be more interesting. I have just read abstract of Pak Sulfikar Amir’s dissertation. I have some opinions to his thesis, but maybe I will discuss deeply after I complete my thesis.

Last morning, I visited Pak Djoko’s workshop. I discussed with his students who work in there. Maybe this saturday morning, I will go to there again to watch flying-test (read : playing drone).


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