At Library (Day 10)

Long time I don’t update any texts about my experience. I have been busy to speed my progress in thesis. I had just gotten  a clue about direction of my last project last night. After maghrib, I met Pak Sonny in my department, then I told about my meeting with Pak Djoksar. He was excited and then gave me context for my thesis problem. He said if my thesis just to observe commercialization of technology from him, its not significanly important. So it must to be brought in context when PT IPTN collapsed in 1998. For the initial, I must observe what happened in 1998 when Our Government ordered to ‘shut down’ this strategic industry. How about its employeee ?. So, the tesis will be interesting when I put pak Djoksar as ‘The Last Mohicans’. After identifying problems like I mentioned above, I then observe the struggle of Pak Djoksar with his team ; how they can survive, their constrains, etc. FYI, my thesis is totally changed but I feel happy 🙂


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