Library (Day 2)

Ten minutes ago I arrived in central library of my campus. First, I opened my WhatsApp, there are more than 100 notifications. I sent maybe two personal messages to my coworker and also read several informations from tthe groups. At 8 am, I was in position on my motorcycle. I had no time to heat up the machine of my motorcycle. My agenda of the day is to finish what I planned last evening. Tonight and this morning I had no spirit anymore to do my thesis. I was very lazy. This afternoon, I will have schadule to interview Pak Djoko in  Departement of Aeronotical Engineering. Meeting some informants is the way to make progress in my job. Wish the day is better than yesterday. FYI, I don’t forget to bring my headset, so it can be my mate when I feel boring 🙂


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