Between Fear and Confident

The most important thing to every one who live in this world is knowing who he/she is. Not for every body can answer the question “Who am I ?”. That statement among two quotation marks represents deep-philosophy. Not enough by answer ” I am a master student in ITB”, but necessary to correlate body to the soul in the context of humanity. We know that the goal of education is to answer that question. Specifically, education is to humanize human. In doing every actions of the days, you maybe fear. One of the cause of that because of not confident choosing something. The brief solution from me if you feel like that is please instrospect how far you know your self. Confidence is premier requirement for everything.

At Library (day 15)

I have just completed reading about Pak Juprianto’thesis. His thesis told about how to create strategical policy to develop UAV technology in Indonesia. I underlined some points ; First, there are several parts in building UAV as commecialized product that not fully done by Indonesian company, second, no effective coordination between government (as client and investor) and company (practical bussinessman and engineer), third, very necessary to create site plan (roadmap) to develop UAV industry by comprehensive discussion. Beside that, from his thesis, I knew condition of UAV industry in Indonesia (author gives 3 samples). I think discussing this theme (broader in aerospace industry) will be more interesting. I have just read abstract of Pak Sulfikar Amir’s dissertation. I have some opinions to his thesis, but maybe I will discuss deeply after I complete my thesis.

Last morning, I visited Pak Djoko’s workshop. I discussed with his students who work in there. Maybe this saturday morning, I will go to there again to watch flying-test (read : playing drone).

I love learning something new

I have been fasting for actively using microbloging like WhatsApp. I just use it when there is free-Wifi like in campus. I suppose that my day is more productive than I always online. This way I choose because I think that I have no consentration in doing my main job like thesis. Beside I limit my online-communication, I don’t attend several discussion or some weekly activities. I will come if there is important agenda that esclusively invites me. I try to enjoy reading many references about my new topic of thesis like journal, thesis, or just articles. Last day, I completed reading a thesis with more than 200 pages, and this day two journals. Tomorrow, I will go to library again to complete my reading.  I love learing something new.

October 21th, 2016

At Library (Day 10)

Long time I don’t update any texts about my experience. I have been busy to speed my progress in thesis. I had just gotten  a clue about direction of my last project last night. After maghrib, I met Pak Sonny in my department, then I told about my meeting with Pak Djoksar. He was excited and then gave me context for my thesis problem. He said if my thesis just to observe commercialization of technology from him, its not significanly important. So it must to be brought in context when PT IPTN collapsed in 1998. For the initial, I must observe what happened in 1998 when Our Government ordered to ‘shut down’ this strategic industry. How about its employeee ?. So, the tesis will be interesting when I put pak Djoksar as ‘The Last Mohicans’. After identifying problems like I mentioned above, I then observe the struggle of Pak Djoksar with his team ; how they can survive, their constrains, etc. FYI, my thesis is totally changed but I feel happy 🙂

Library (Day 2)

Ten minutes ago I arrived in central library of my campus. First, I opened my WhatsApp, there are more than 100 notifications. I sent maybe two personal messages to my coworker and also read several informations from tthe groups. At 8 am, I was in position on my motorcycle. I had no time to heat up the machine of my motorcycle. My agenda of the day is to finish what I planned last evening. Tonight and this morning I had no spirit anymore to do my thesis. I was very lazy. This afternoon, I will have schadule to interview Pak Djoko in  Departement of Aeronotical Engineering. Meeting some informants is the way to make progress in my job. Wish the day is better than yesterday. FYI, I don’t forget to bring my headset, so it can be my mate when I feel boring 🙂

Library (Day 1)

I arrived in central library of my campus 5 minutes ago. I just picked up my laptop, sellular, paper and pen here. My plan of the day is to systemize what I have done for thesis especially about the report. Not many people here because too earlier I came here maybe. I sat on the chair last thursday. In front my head is wall. I just can look people from right and left side. I hope this day will be enjoyable and comfortable.  I forgot bringing my headset, maybe tomorrow I will not.

Why does an intellect live if there is no contribution for civilization ?

Knowledge will be produced by everybody who dedicates his or her self for it. “Dedicate” means to learn and develop knowledge truely, not just publication or writing in mass media. An intellect has reason why he or she must create works, not just to make him or her popular. He or she is different with seleb who want for every single his or her works to be publicly known. His or her job is to create the new one of view to create better civilization. His or her responsibility is very big. It is reason why this nation put its future in his or her shoulder.