Prau Journey (Part 2)

There are four posts to reach top of Prau. Almost tracks were slippery because of rain. I used Ugun’s sandal because mine was nipper sandal (sandal jepit) that have no heel burrier. We tracked carefully especially when track was steep and uphill. All the tracks we successfully passed well done. Heading from post 3 to 4 was most difficult track.

Eventually, we arrived in top of Prau’s mount then we builded camps ; one camp for 3 people, another one for single. Before wa took a sleep, we had dinner together with wrapped rice (nasi bungkus) that we brought from the stand around registration post. The rain didn’t stop till we were ready to rest.

I was not comfortable in my rest that night. My foot was very cool even I had used the sock. One of its cause was my sleeping bag. I had covered it with plastic but unfortunatelly it didn’t help. Bottom of the sleeping bag was wet. I awakened many times but I forced to keep sleeping. 

15 minutes before 5 am Ugun and Made had wake up, I then opened my eyes and prayed subuh. We then headed to the outdoor of this mount. We saw beautiful panorama and shy sunrise in that morning. Everybody gathered there to enjoy beautuful morning ; taking photos, selfie, or just chatting with friends. 

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