Internet quota

I don’t believe that urban youth generation can survive without internet in nowsday. Internet even thought is used for social media, it has big influence especially in existency. A young man or girl maybe has more than one account like instragram, line, path, facebook, twitter, etc that everyday must be updated. If you upload one new pucture in instagram, you need to check it how many likes you have get. So, accessing social medias needs more time than work and study. I am now in the way to handle my self in order to not to deeply addicted with social medias.

Internet for me has many functions like to search materials for my thesis, and to fill my hobbies. I love blogging and writing. Being online is a requirement for me to do all of that. The problem is I have limited quota for internet access. Indihome till this day doesn’t install yet since 2 months ago. I use Telkomsel packet that’s limited in 3 GB for a month with cost IDR 40000. In this month, I had applied 3 times (if Iam not wrong) so it’s very costly. I have scenario in next month that I will by andromax modem with cost IDR 300000 including free quota 30 GB. I think this way is solution during waiting Indihome coming to my kost. 


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