Improving my English

My english is not good enough. I still learning by joining, writing this wordpress blog, watching movie, and reading texts. When I do my thesis, many references including books using english. When I was Senior High School student, english was my weakness ; reading, writing, listening, and communicating. For longer time, I was not use to use english in my daily life. I grew up in environment that was accostumed to use arabic like in reciting quran and lesson in arabic language. I was student of madrasah from elementary to senior high school. I was know one of students who was good in arabic. When I was 3rd grade in Junior High School, I was rank 1 in nahwu shorof (arabic grammar) and when 2nd grade in Senior High School, I was appointed to be coordinator in Language Department.

I belive that to be able to understand languange I must continously practice in daily life. Now, english is international language. If we don’t understand it, we get small in everything. 


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