No Progress

One thing of my weakness is to be perfect in doing many things, including thesis. I read books and papers related to my thesis or not that before doing this I guessed it would help me to understand theory standed in my thesis. I kept going reading till I felt boring. This morning when my mind was confused with all materials, I stoped doing that and went sleeping. Unfortunatelly, bad dream awaken me and forced me to take a bath. Not long after that, I prayed jumat. The weather in that afternoon was rainy but I still went to campus to keep my mind on. I look for  environment that motivate me to do my job. Beside that, at 3 pm later I will join Pak Moko’s reading class in the library. 

Start to be Latourian

In friday evening (23/9), when I discussed thesis with my advisor, there was important input to me, especially about how to behave an informan. My explanation to him was full of scientist approach in solving problems. He adviced to me to positionate an informan as human, so here I must use anthropology. Since the end of holiday in Dieng Wonosobo (25/9), I have been reading several materials telling about anthropology. One important book I got was Labolatory Life that was created by Bruno Latour. In my department, He was introduced to us as sociologist with its famous Actor-Network Theory (ANT). My advisor claimed to be Latourian. Maybe, I also follow what my advisor had started.

Prau Journey (Part 2)

There are four posts to reach top of Prau. Almost tracks were slippery because of rain. I used Ugun’s sandal because mine was nipper sandal (sandal jepit) that have no heel burrier. We tracked carefully especially when track was steep and uphill. All the tracks we successfully passed well done. Heading from post 3 to 4 was most difficult track.

Eventually, we arrived in top of Prau’s mount then we builded camps ; one camp for 3 people, another one for single. Before wa took a sleep, we had dinner together with wrapped rice (nasi bungkus) that we brought from the stand around registration post. The rain didn’t stop till we were ready to rest.

I was not comfortable in my rest that night. My foot was very cool even I had used the sock. One of its cause was my sleeping bag. I had covered it with plastic but unfortunatelly it didn’t help. Bottom of the sleeping bag was wet. I awakened many times but I forced to keep sleeping. 

15 minutes before 5 am Ugun and Made had wake up, I then opened my eyes and prayed subuh. We then headed to the outdoor of this mount. We saw beautiful panorama and shy sunrise in that morning. Everybody gathered there to enjoy beautuful morning ; taking photos, selfie, or just chatting with friends. 

Prau Journey

This time, my friends and I will going back to our own places by bus Sinar Jaya. This story below tell you about our short journey in Prau Mountain. 

After attending Hasti’s wedding ceremony in a building near Alon-Alon Wonosobo (24/9), we were back to basecamp where we lived temporary to take a rest and pack before heading to Prau. At 3 pm in that day, by angkot to Dieng we went to registration place of Prau. In there, we packed our cariers, took relaxiation, and prayed. When azan maghrib resounded  (at 5.45 pm), we started tracking.The climate was rainy so we used our rain coats. 

(to be continue..)


Last evening by bus Sinar Jaya we went to Wonosobo with two purposes : attending Hasti wedding and climbing to Prau mountain. When azan subuh resounded, we arrived in plaza area, 2 km ahead hasti home. Then by ojek, we headed to temporary homestay. There we took a rest, took a bath, prayed subuh, etc.

At 7 am, we went to Hasti house to attend wedding couple declaration (akad). We listened holy promise from Fahri to Hasti’s father. I learned a lot today that getting couple more simple than wedding ceremony. So, wedding is something sacriface and memorable. Good luck Hasti and Fakhri, may Allah SWT gives the best for you ­čÖé

Internet quota

I don’t believe that urban youth generation can survive without internet in nowsday. Internet even thought is used for social media, it has big influence especially in existency. A young man or girl maybe has more than one account like instragram, line, path, facebook, twitter, etc that everyday must be updated. If you upload one new pucture in instagram, you need to check it how many likes you have get. So, accessing social medias needs more time than work and study. I am now in the way to handle my self in order to not to deeply addicted with social medias.

Internet for me has many functions like to search materials for my thesis, and to fill my hobbies. I love blogging and writing. Being online is a requirement for me to do all of that. The problem is I have limited quota for internet access. Indihome till this day doesn’t install yet since 2 months ago. I use Telkomsel packet that’s limited in 3 GB for a month with cost IDR 40000. In this month, I had applied 3 times (if Iam not wrong) so it’s very costly. I have scenario in next month that I will by andromax modem with cost IDR 300000 including free quota 30 GB. I think this way is solution during waiting Indihome coming to my kost. 

Improving my English

My english is not good enough. I still learning by joining, writing this wordpress blog, watching movie, and reading texts. When I do my thesis, many references including books using english. When I was Senior High School student, english was my weakness ; reading, writing, listening, and communicating. For longer time, I was not use to use english in my daily life. I grew up in environment that was accostumed to use arabic like in reciting quran and lesson in arabic language. I was student of madrasah from elementary to senior high school. I was know one of students who was good in arabic. When I was 3rd grade in Junior High School, I was rank 1 in nahwu shorof (arabic grammar) and when 2nd grade in Senior High School, I was appointed to be coordinator in Language Department.

I belive that to be able to understand languange I must continously practice in daily life. Now, english is international language. If we don’t understand it, we get small in everything.