Sharing with blind sons

The important agenda today is visiting WYATA GUNA. That is special place for blind people. The location is very large. My friend from Milis and me arrive here with condition ‘rain’. Firstly, praying ashar then go to location. They (inhibitants this place) have been ready. Members of Milis one by one entering room. The agenda is ready to begun.

I just take photos and try to communicate with them. Part of them I have known the name like Teguh, Dian, Dea and Toha. The agenda begun with preface by Tomi then Reciting quran by haris. After that, giving legend story by Wahyu and the last is prayer by Zamzam. Mainly, I just amuse them with singing together asking their condition and ones again taking photos.

All of them inspirate me to do well and spiritly. They are not stupid people but they are the best people with limited physical condition. I wish they will be success man.

After agenda from this charitable institution, I go to restaurant STEAK n SAKE to ‘open fasting’ together with member halaqah Akh Ryan. Ending this meeting, tausiyah from Akh Riyan..

Do more for people…!!!


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