Last Exam but not success

The last test now is critical english. Long time before, I have gone to campuz. My plan is to learn reading text and make summary and analysis. I go to unit MG, there are no people except Odin. I talk to him. Because no one, I leave this unit. Not far I leave, Niki come. I decide to stay in unit. Unfortunatelly, Niki bring her friends. I then go to Salman and meet Sidik and Wahyu who is keeping ISEF stand.

Then, I go to CC with Uung to study english. My mind is not mud. I just think very slowly. The target is miss so in the exam I do unsuccessfully. This is the end of exam now. I have to forget it and prepare for long holiday. This night I use along time from blogging. hahaha….

have a nice night….!!!


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