Calculus is success enaught and Chem is still BC

This importand agenda this morning is last exam for Calculus. I go erlier than days going to campuz. The test is not too difficult, but I still can’t do all. I just know specially in last chapter ‘ triple integral’. I just hope to God Allah SWT in order that He give better for me. I believe that.

The agenda after ‘Jum’at prayer’ is M2 (Milis makrab; Milis Makin Akrab). That agenda is for Milis Member especially and class in general. Before agenda, Sidik, Haris, Puguh and me prepare the matters that will used in this event. They and me then make ‘Coconut Ice’. Its sweat enaught. In other side, Derina dkk cooks ‘capcai’. Yummy, its sweat too. In this event, Ade Arini and Irene attend too.

In the last, after maghrib prayer, Sidik and me go to Chemist’s lab for looking last value. I get BC like last semester. My value is not far from last semester. First UTS I 52,5 and UTS II 58. I hope in UAS I get my bestest. Amiin..

Be carefull mom !!

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