Meet Mr. Tisna, Relaxing in Gramed n BEC n Activity in campuz

In range time after shubuh to ashar prayer, I just spent time in home. I don’t go anywhere except taking money in ATM BNI n buy snack in Indomaret. Before Ashar, Sidik come here and after praying Ashar, I invite him to follow me meeting Mr. Tisna. Alhamdulillah, I meer him after before I don’t. Then, after that I relax going to Gramed and buy how to learn japanesse easily. I do reading book created by hanum rais. It’s Biography of Amien Rais.

From Gramed then Sidik and I go to BEC in basic floor. I look something about Handphone. I try to ask and communicate with the seller. After praying Maghrib, Sidik n I then go home. I visit Salman mosque to pray Isya’. I wait for a moment. Before it, I urinate first and take ablution.

After praying, then gathering with other unit in bacement West CC. I, in here until at 9 PM. In reality, the agenda hasn’t finished yet. The agenda this night is discussing how mechanism vooting the head of OHU in part of OSKM agenda. I just keep silent in here. After at 9 PM, I go to secretariat of MG-KSSEP unit. Here, until 12 PM until of several minutes. Here beside discussing routinely, My friends and I discuss how’s Ganesha magazine design.

In front of balubur market, I eat kikil and then go home in walk…

have a nice night …!!

Sharing with blind sons

The important agenda today is visiting WYATA GUNA. That is special place for blind people. The location is very large. My friend from Milis and me arrive here with condition ‘rain’. Firstly, praying ashar then go to location. They (inhibitants this place) have been ready. Members of Milis one by one entering room. The agenda is ready to begun.

I just take photos and try to communicate with them. Part of them I have known the name like Teguh, Dian, Dea and Toha. The agenda begun with preface by Tomi then Reciting quran by haris. After that, giving legend story by Wahyu and the last is prayer by Zamzam. Mainly, I just amuse them with singing together asking their condition and ones again taking photos.

All of them inspirate me to do well and spiritly. They are not stupid people but they are the best people with limited physical condition. I wish they will be success man.

After agenda from this charitable institution, I go to restaurant STEAK n SAKE to ‘open fasting’ together with member halaqah Akh Ryan. Ending this meeting, tausiyah from Akh Riyan..

Do more for people…!!!

Last Exam but not success

The last test now is critical english. Long time before, I have gone to campuz. My plan is to learn reading text and make summary and analysis. I go to unit MG, there are no people except Odin. I talk to him. Because no one, I leave this unit. Not far I leave, Niki come. I decide to stay in unit. Unfortunatelly, Niki bring her friends. I then go to Salman and meet Sidik and Wahyu who is keeping ISEF stand.

Then, I go to CC with Uung to study english. My mind is not mud. I just think very slowly. The target is miss so in the exam I do unsuccessfully. This is the end of exam now. I have to forget it and prepare for long holiday. This night I use along time from blogging. hahaha….

have a nice night….!!!

Rihlah Mata, SAS Work n MG Meeting

This day tasted fully. Begining from Rihlah Mata from Ir. H. Juanda Forest Park to Murabaya. This long journey has many hikmah. One of it is to always remember God Allah SWT about the creatures.

Rihlah Participants and Cave Japan as background

Second one after that is doing SAS task in Mc Donald Restaurant. I do with my team, Wiliam, Fidriani, Nazier and Ari. Not all do this task. Nazier go home first. Leti n Ryan go to this place too. They copy my PTI files. The accident in this moment is in going back. I perforcely hitchik Fidriany in one motorcycle. I use Wildan’s.

In the last agenda is MG meeting. Begun with eating ‘fired Chicken’ together then discuss about the agenda up to month. In this meeting I order create one solution that In this holiday (5,6,7 June 2010), there is agenda like camping but not in Pangandaran beach. I just as Logistic committee. The chief is Niki.

This day is full, I have to do my task “SAS” !!!

Calculus is success enaught and Chem is still BC

This importand agenda this morning is last exam for Calculus. I go erlier than days going to campuz. The test is not too difficult, but I still can’t do all. I just know specially in last chapter ‘ triple integral’. I just hope to God Allah SWT in order that He give better for me. I believe that.

The agenda after ‘Jum’at prayer’ is M2 (Milis makrab; Milis Makin Akrab). That agenda is for Milis Member especially and class in general. Before agenda, Sidik, Haris, Puguh and me prepare the matters that will used in this event. They and me then make ‘Coconut Ice’. Its sweat enaught. In other side, Derina dkk cooks ‘capcai’. Yummy, its sweat too. In this event, Ade Arini and Irene attend too.

In the last, after maghrib prayer, Sidik and me go to Chemist’s lab for looking last value. I get BC like last semester. My value is not far from last semester. First UTS I 52,5 and UTS II 58. I hope in UAS I get my bestest. Amiin..

Be carefull mom !!