I get motivation again to reach my great

First days in this week. I had trouble especially about learning. I feel so confused how I can learn well. As you know. I don’t know physics well. I have to study in to preprare last middle test in this friday. Since yesterday to This day I find my motivation. I study physics hard. Looking different questions in tutorials and doing others. Basicly, understanding physics.

This day, is the center of problem. I have to work answering the question in the test. There are 5 items but I can’t do all. But, I think it’s better than the test before. I thank to God Allah SWT. May the value is good.

The more important is I get motivated to be best lecture in mathematic. I have to main option. Lecture in UGM (Gadjah Mada University) or ITS ( Surabaya Institute of Technology). So, I have to learn more about it. I have to be the best. I have change this trouble to  be facilitation. I have to be a Proffesor. Belive that you can.

You are what you think. Aren’t you ???

Again, repeating same sins

My thought still disoriented. Iam not lucky receiving matters from lecture or doing more. After campuzing with Physics, I go to Salman. I refuse Sidik’s invite to eating in Prancis. I then take abution then pray ‘tahiyyatul masjid’ ang recite Qur’an. After that I follow taklim with Mr. Hery.

After Dzuhur, I go back to home. Before it, I have lunch in Prancis. This is my first sin ‘I lied to Sidik’. My condition today is Iam an influenza. In room, I play online. This is my second sin ‘I still see prohibited picture that very uneducated’. I don’t know how much I see this since I live in this home.

My action this afternoon cause impact in late going to campuz. The lesson is PTI but I just come approximatelly at 14.40 PM. This troble. This day my Iman’s decresed.

Forgive me again God!!!

Ihdinnas Shirotol Mustaqiim !!!

Planning not realize

This day I don’t go anywhere. I just stay at home. Planning for fasting I delay. Doing Physics still being lazy. In evening, after Ashar approximately at 16.30 PM I go to Sidik home to learn together. Unfortunatelly, here I play game PS 1 ‘Football Konami’. Learning not maximal so it same if I learn alone.

The target here truely is 2 tutorials but no one finished. I fell dissapointed. I just wonder If I learn alone, I must have done it. ya, this is life. Your planning not always realize.

No, Do anything alone. You must be can. Believe !!!

My cousin Hakim and Sony leaft out, I fell confused

This saturday, I was very happy because my brother Hakim and ex mujanib Sony came to my place. They go to bandung following muktamar agenda in Lembang South Bandung. Here, I and brother hakim especially talking about something. He always give me many story including his experience, motivation and planning how to build Lamongan city that I was born. Sony just online playing facebook.

In the evening, I invited them to walk around Cihampelas. before looking at outlet, They and me eat together in the small food shop. menu is so bored I don’t like it.

In Cihampelas just few minute but I cancel teaching Shiva. They and me come back again maybe at ten minutes to half  five. Then I talking about something again and not far again Azan Maghrib filled the air. After maghrib they leaft me alone. They gone to lembang.

After Isya, I didn’t learn physic. I delayed in tomorrow but unfourtunately this just dream. I don’t maximally learn physic. I just learn very view. Syaitan wash my mind and persuade me to look uneducated video in youtube. Firstly from funny video until crazy video.

Confusion that a reason why I look video via youtube.

Forgive me God !

Calculus failed but not the end

Rasionally, each people maybe disappoint about anything that he do much about it. He learn hard, try and try but he still lose. This problem happened by me. Since days before, I always study and study calculus from reading the textbook untill try tutorial’s items. Trying items from another class I do too.

I fell there is much mistakes in my exercise several hours ago. I ask my friends and his answer different with me. My problem maybe happened to my friends. Here, I just appreciated to my best friend Sidik. He always know all of subject. He in this semester (in main subjects; calculus and physics) always number one in result of test. I don’t know how he learn but I see him that in class he never sleep. His concentration is totally full.

I think his IQ not far with me. He is 110 and me 106. But the answer is ‘ Why he can but me not?”. I have to try to study smartly. I believe I can like him or better.

Again, disturbing people

When Mr. Indra explain about chemy’s I sleep mybe for a half hour.  Now is for twice. First is last tuesday. I really not happy today. Homework isn’t done and I haven’t read textbook yet. It’s the problem.

This day, concertration just for calculus. After attending the lecture I copy yundi’s tutor’s paper. My stomach is too ill then I go to bathroom to loosen the bowels (wee-wee). After that, the copying is ready but my stomatch is still sick then I go again in CC’s bathroom. When I do, My bag falls into WC’s behind me. I just keep silent. I do nothing. I wait until Iam free. Unfourtunatelly, there is a man in that WC. I dont know he is falling away of my bag or not.

My bag then put by him in the door. I think he is good person. He’s not angry with me (mybe).  After the condition is nopeople I wee-wee again then go home. My thought is confusion. I then have breakfast again in Prancis. After that I go home and learn calculus untill I go campus again for teaching Sidik dkk arabic.

My foot pulls his sandal

I really don’t know a man sit near me. When I study calculus in campus library my foot expressly pull his sandal. I think it’s rubber or strange thing. After I know that it’s sandal, I was very shy. I am not to talk with him but I still learning calculus.

This day MG bulletin’s published and shared to some ITB’s students. This is my first tme my writing publised in media like bulletin. I am not to arrogant arguing this fact. My name clearly written in bulletin as coordinator of that bulletin and as writer.

That just my exercise to write some letter then, surely with best capacity as proffesional writer.