Before Turning 30

Less than two years remaining, my age will turn to 30 years old. It means that I am not young again. Some people (in particular Indonesians) when interact with you whose same age with me probably will ask like this “what’s your job?”. The question maybe ordinary one but what it actually means?. Here my explanation.

In age 30, you should have got married then have happy life with your wife and children. You have a permanent job with good salary and also have house and car (even by credit). If your career is related to academics, make sure that you are a permanent lecturer. If you are government officials, you have already became part of civil servant.

How if you are not like that ? You are failed.

I do not believe with that mainstream actually. For me, turning 30 years old means that you have already mature. You know what will you do in life, you know “who am I ?”.  It’s first step to proclaim your own history. It’s symbol that you have an achievement.




Yesterday my research-mate (also my advisor) criticized me in how I write a paper. One statement has no correlation with the next statement that make readers confusing. I recognize that it is my weakness right now. I am not frustated because of that. He gave to me a substantial advice that help me to improve my writing ability in the future. Finally, he still gave me five months to improve our three papers. It is not easy but I convice him I can do it. One and only way I will do is to multiple my work effectivity. This week, I still have a homework to to finish a final draft for a conference next month. After that I will focus to finish those three papers.

Back to the point, writing statement in a paragraph has it logics. It is not easy if you are not trained well. Experience is the best teacher, so don’t stop trying.

My opinion

This morning, a national newspaper whose customer majority is eastern Indonesia, Jawa Pos, published my writing with title ” Shenzhen dan Supremasi Teknologi Tiongkok”. It is the first time for me in publishing an opinion that I have high concern about it in research. Hopefully after this I can publish another article and also scientific journal related about that topic.


When last afternoon, I spent time for working (mostly related to managerial jobs), this evening has been for research. I am to tired but I should do my target to write a paper about regional innovation system. Even it is not a duty, but it is a step of my PhD research later. I don’t know when I can study my doctoral, but I have clear plan about my future. I highly excited with topic of technology, politics, international network, and business that can be compiled in topic of “system of innovation”. Even spending more time to do merely research doesn’t work because of I have a lot things to do. Maybe it is reflection of my activism so I always not to satisfied about something. I am now so young compared by many scholars in my campus and I have more energy to do something than them, more importantly I have chance to improve some problems in my campus with the position I have right now.

Next year my campus will be 100 years old, I will give my best to its extraordinary birthday. I don’t know my future will be here or not, so one and only I can do is to contribute right now, no matter how small my contribution is. Helping the almamater means helping this nation, so don’t stop working.

Next Paper

This afternoon I sent a paper draft to my colleague (he is lecturer relatively junior). It means that now I can do another paper which is part of my PhD research topic. I am interested in Regional Innovation System (RIS) so my paper will be about that. In the begining I will finish my opinion still related to that topic this night.

Even I still have remaining three papers but it doesn’t work well because my colleague (he is lecturer too) is busy with their works. I wait for his invitation to revise the papers. He has high standard in writing a paper, unfutunatelly he has not good enough in time management. I recognise that he is very good in understanding something in particular about our research topics. He is opposite with my previous collegue.

I should prepare for my next plan. This must be first priority. Let’s continue back to work.

Wiranto Arismunandar

When you come to Sabuga ITB, you will get one motivational statement in front of its main gate. The statement is one and only belongs to Pak Wir or Wiranto Arismunandar, former Rector of ITB years before Indonesia reformation orders. One time I met Pak Mubyar Purwasasmita (if not wrong three months before he passed away), he said a alot about Pak Wir legacy in building four iconic twin buildings and also another buildings (if not wrong 13). So when I talked with him last afternoon after 99th years celebration of TH (ITB) in Aula Barat, I said “You are Soeharto of ITB Pak…“, he then smiled. Another legacy, during his leadership he was close to student and faculty members.

Long life and stay healthy Pak Wir !

Actually It is Tech War

Since last week I have been following news about trade war between AS and China. It is global hot issue in this time. Beside articles, I also watch YouTube videos. The news detailly explores starting from focus reports about the trade war, megainfrastructure China silk-road, Huawei, Made in China 2025, Silicon Valley, Shenzen, etc. I analyze that this is more than trade war, it is technology war. Xi Jinping as long-life president of China declared that this communist country will master some high tech such as AI and biotechnology. His words are not just leap-service, many Chinese companies like Huawei concerns about that by doing massive research. Its patents now reached more that AS already did. China also have many more world class companies in high tech such as BYD for electrical cars, Tencent, Alibaba, DJI, and many more. So, actually it’s not only about trade war but tech war. China want to be superpower in technology supremacy in the world.