New Friends

Last week was exiting experience for me. I had new friends from UTM Malaysia. When I listened to a key speaker of the conference, there were two women sat near me. They came late, same with me. I tried to open conversation then we talked many things. Till lunch time and conference was done, we continued talking.

Ana and I had parallel session in different room but same room but different time with Alya. I listened to Alya’s presentation until I had my turn. I was second presenter of my session. I had no significant mistake but I still was not confident because of my research that I presented didn’t finished yet. Surprisingly, Ana and Alya was there.

After parallel session, we continue talking but this was about my going back home to Bandung. They think that I used car (I said to them “kereta”, this word in Malay means car). I then explained for more than half of hour until we didn’t attend closing ceremony.

They wanted to join me with little gambling if didn’t get train tickets to Bandung that night. We went to their homestay then moved toward Rangkasbitung train station by Go-car. By Commuter line we headed to Tanaabang station then by Go-car we went to Gambir station. By 7.30 we arrived there, half hour before my departure. Unfortunately there was no ticket ready for new passenger, all were sold-out. They stayed one day at Jakarta.

Friday evening (2/11) they went to Bandung by car travel. We met again on tomorrow Saturday in north gate of Bandung station. After discussion, our trip that day was in Trans Studio before that I accompanied them shopping in Pasar Baru. I bought them having lunch at Mie Akung before spending approximately more than 3 hours in Trans Studio. In that day I was an impromptu tour guide. This was my first time.


Kompas This Day

It’s very rare that national newspaper publishes some opinions about innovation policy. This day leader of National Research Council said this in Kompas. Check this out !

ITB Ultra Marathon 2018

Last weekend was my second time joining running event. This opportunity was organized by ITB people, same with Ganesha Runiversity. The difference is in its official that this event was run by FTMD in coordination with BNI. So this event is big with more than 2 thousands people joined. The category consisted of severals : Relay 16, 8, 4, 2, and full 170k. The start was in BNI head office in Jakarta and its finish was in ITB Ganesa campus.

This was my first experience gathering with many alumni form Mathematics ITB. I was part of group 2 and Jaka was my running mate. I spent 1 hour and several minutes with 10s kilometers. I will told about this event more complete in my another blog.

Meet My Younger Sister

It is not easy this time to sleep. This hotel is not good for living, it’s condition is so old because of lack of management. There was mosquito flying around me, it’s television is tube showing it’s old is obsolete, it’s air conditioner also old generating not fresh air (ordinary fan maybe better than this), and many more. I give 5 of 10 rating for this hotel. It’s not suitable with its 3.5 stars.

This time I am not sleepy even tomorrow I plan to take jogging around GBK.

Several hours ago I met my younger sister studying at UI. I was being video-called by my older sister to watch Ilham smiling. Also then had phone with my mom via WhatsApp. My father this day is in Surabaya so my mom is alone at home.

I hope this night will run fast so I can prepare for tomorrow work.

Angkringan Kosambi

Two weeks ago I met a new friend namely Asep when having tea time at restoration of Kahuripan Train. In that moment I was going to Jogja for attending my cousin’s wedding. Asep, javanesse native, told to me that there is a famous angkringan that provide some interesting menus.

Last night I was there asking Asep and my friend to join there with me. It was no enough traffics that make me relatively on time. I came earlier than Asep. I ordered ‘nasi kucing’ and roasted rice (this is special one), gorengan, bacem tofu, satay kerang, ginger-milk, and hot tea. The rice was more delicious than another angkringan in Bandung like in front of MBA Gelap Nyawang. Even it tasted more sweet.

Before the menu was already I took several pictures with my friend. Here we were :

My First Book

My book had just published last friday (21/9) this month after spending more than 1 year 2 months to write it. This was my memorable time for me since firstly started writing in 2011. Special thanks for Pak Djoko Sardjadi and Pak Sonny Yuliar for supervising me during my process in writing. It was tiring time for me that frequently made me stressful. Now all of that is paid off. Thank you !

A Process to be “Me”

You can’t choose another world.

Basically as human we must have interacted with many people : while working, hanging out, refreshing, playing social media, and so on. This all can create new perspective for us : positive or negative.

If we have strong commitment to something we believe, possibly environment will be colored because of our existency. Minimally, we will not change to be others. But if we have no it, we will alliniate to be someone. This all is a process to be “me”.

It shows that to be our selves is not easy things.

The question then is how to be “me” ? Keep learning and always commit to improve our selves.

As young generation living in this era is not easy. When we work for a beraucracy, there is limited change to optimize our creativity, to create breakthrough. When we create startup, we will work all the time with limited income we get. When we create new venture, hard to us to be new conglomerate because the old one will always dominate market. When we work just being employee with limited salary, hard for us to be independent.

Those conditions strongly convince that to be “me” with independency is hard even it always have chance. Isn’t life is struggle ? So, just hard work to be you.