Street Milk

One of city identity of Bandung is milk. This city is surrounded by two districts known as original milk producers ; Lembang and Pengalaman. This time I milk in one of Street mini shop in Dipatiukur street. I make it “Street milk”. I order iced durian milk. It price only 5k rupiahs.

Saturday Office

Since last week, I have been having new office for my project work : Writing book of startup journey.  The office is Pak Djoksar’s office in Aeronotics Engineering ITB.  I chose this place is to concentrate doing my project because of its silence makes me have power to think deeply. Unfortunatelly, that is still expectation, the real is I am hard to concentrate because of many constrains come suddently like sleepy, doing another job, and this  : writing this random.  I just make me routiny coming here every saturday in the name responsibility. I have taken a contract so I must do it well.

Why I receipt Pak Djoksar’s offer ? No other reason but I like somebody whose startup venture technology-based. This work is second part of my thesis. Hopefully, next week should be better progress.

Busy Saturday

It’s difficult choise for me today : attending my friend’s graduation day or doing my job deadline. Finally, I choose the second one. The reason is my job now is five projects with four project must have progress every week. That’s not include with another semi-voluentering job like writing paper for national conference, being advisor for my intellectual group, and engaged in limited revitalized group ( last two you will not understand, hehe). Plus one, being committee in my friend wedding party. That makes me having no holiday. Like this day, I still working. After spending one and half hour in my lecturer’s room in FTMD, I am heading to Yellow Truck coffee. As you know, if you spend all your time doing different job in one place you will be boring. This is my I choose ‘nomaden’. In campus I have four office ; rotunda, lecturer’s room in SBM, lecturer’s room in SBM, and meeting room in PAU. This year makes me deeply busy. Hopefully, I do my best.

Inside Economy Class Bus

Now, I am heading to my regency, Lamongan from bus station, Bungurasih. I arrived here half hour ago delivered by Go-Ride Gojek from Gubeng station. When I have just arrived here, there was a man directed me to a special parking place for economy class bus route Surabaya Semarang. I tought its free, I must pay 1ok rupiahs. I waited several minutes then I got a bus I want. This bus is very busy, full of people. I try to enjoy it. Enjoy mudik everyone :p