Good Luck France

History has just been made this night after final match of World Cup 2018. The champion was France after having spartan fight from Croatia. The final score was 4-2. There were several moments that never being missed by football fans in this game : own goal, VAR took decision for penalty, goal keeper blunder, and of course beautiful goal.

For this game I supported Croatia for the simple reason : rising of new champion in the World Cup. Even the result was not like my hope, the Croatian play was very impressive and their first goal (created by Perisic) was very classy. Modric successfully did his role as playmaker so not wrong to prize him as golden ball winner of the World Cup.

After this world cup, I believe that market value for Mbappe will exponentially raise. He is still 19 years old right now and played well in the world cup. In the final he created one goal. Another players like Hazard and Harry Kane will also create mega transfer if they move to another big club like Real Madrid.

Lesson-learned from this World Cup, there is no impossible for us to get champion in life if we love what we do. Just do play hard for your works and believe you will be winner.


Loving Kids

Last saturday I visited my my causin’s house in Bantul Jogja and met his children. He has three : 2 sons and 1 daughter. The oldest is class 3 of elementary school if I am not wrong. During chatting with my cousin, I play together with them. The house is in village with wide yard. I tried to take selfie with them. Nasir, a younger son, was very exited with his ultraman mini dool. Hope that next time I can meet you again guys.

Start Editing

After spending short holiday in Yogyakarta last weekend, this morning I was back to work. Information Centre ITB as my office. My body was not properly fresh, no longer interacting with my laptop, I felt tired. Then at 2 pm, I chose to go home. I then slept till azan maghrib almost come. My body looked fresh and after isya I continued to start editing my book. Focusing on this work was not easy because another side I also heard musics. It created distruction in my focus but I could not stop it. I wanted to feel relax this night. Maybe tomorrow morning, I will edit my book again.

A Place to Strengthen a Value

As a person, I hold a value that direct me to a man with goodness. The value is combination between religious belief and culture in place where I live in. But influence from religion is bigger than anything. It had been taught when I was a child then streghthened when I was teenage. I spent my teenage in Yogyakarta, a city of education. So this city brought me to understand what’s value of religion is. I interacted with many educated people and mostly people with high concern to value like morality. I know that a value that we hold depended to our life journeys so it will have fluctuations even up to disbelieving to the value itself. The most frequently is rising of heticancy so we must learn something new about the value its self. Learning process can be gained by in-depth interaction or discussion with experts even reading book then discuss it is always better.

Jogja with its people teaches me how value must be strengthened, so if we have some problems, this city will answer. Just go to Jogja and interact with its people.

On The Way to Jogja

I am on Logawa that is bringing me to Lempuyangan station Yogyakarta from Kutoarjo. I was in Kutoarjo station since last fajr. In Jogja I will attend my friend’s wedding tomorrow together with visiting my brothers and friends. Jogja for me is second home after Lamongan where I had spent living here for 6 years. If Lamongan is a place for my childhood, Jogja is for my teenage. I hope that visiting this city will bring good feeling and spirit for me.

Was Rejected

Several minutes ago, an email came to my inbox when there was a meeting with my boss. Then I opened and not surprisingly that my opinion was rejected by a leading national media. Several hours before email came, I sent another opinion to the media. The opinion looked so similar that talking about industrial revolution 4.0 but with different emphasis.

The current opinion was inspired by 98 years celebration of ITB as institute of technology in Indonesia. I cited in my article from three speeches of ITB rector, minister of research, technology, and higher education, and minister of planning. I stressed that we must understand with what we have achieved till today in science and technology development.

Even it’s not easy to write an essay in national media, but I keep trying. I feel happy when I can bring my thoughts to public.


Someday you feel depresed, there is no people helping you. You try to solve it yourself but you can’t.

One and only that can help you is your God, but you are doubtful to stay closer and closer to Him. Your logics is more dominant than anything.

You keep trying to stay closer to your Lord even it’s hard. You try be a man with discipline.

The things that you have is only commitment to be a good man in the perspective of God.

In this second you aware that you are a man with weakness, full of sins. Sometimes you know that you do sins intentionally, but you can do nothing. Your logics doesn’t work, your heart doesn’t tell you a sunshine.


Don’t give up, God will forgive you if you commit to not to do your repeatable sins. Focus on the good things, be close to God, and keep optimism for your works.